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Land Acquisition for development of ISRO’s LPSC at Valiyamala 20/03/2019 Download(72 KB)
Land acquisition for the construction of the Ulloor overbridge on related to Light Metro project 16/03/2019 Download(551 KB)
Land has been acquired for Liquid Propulsion Centre (LPSC) for ISRO at Valiyamala,Thiruvananthapuram District 14/03/2019 Download(237 KB)
SIA Report – Thirumala – Thrikkannapuram Road Development Scheme 26/02/2019 Download(2 MB)
SIA Final Report – construction of Chirayinkeezhu railway over bridge 26/02/2019 Download(2 MB)
Edava Railway overbridge construction project 22/02/2019 Download(975 KB)
Golden price – Land acquisition for construction of railway over bridge at Sharkara village 22/02/2019 Download(199 KB)
Golden price – Land Acquisition for to manufacture the Water Treatment Plant for Parasuvaikkal water authority 22/02/2019 Download(131 KB)
Land acquisition for construction of Karamana Railway overbridge in Thiruvananthapuram district 16/02/2019 Download(200 KB)
Hinting at giving permission to acquire land acquisition for the construction of a overbridge in sreekaryam junction 14/02/2019 Download(122 KB)