Where will I get It?
1 Removal of public nuisance RDO
2 Belated regn. of deaths/births RDO
3 Maps/ Revenue records etc., Tahsildars / Village Officers
4 Point out the Boundary Additional Tahsildar (carried out through Taluk Surveyor)
5 Building Permit   Local Body
6 Complaint against Police   District Police Complaint Authority-Collectorate
7 Complaints on Loading and Unloading Charges District Labour Office
8 Election ID   Tahsildar
9 Electricity Connection   Electricity Board
10 Employment Registration  Employment Office
11 Food Adulteration Complaints    Legal Metrology
12 Passport    Passport Officer
13 Permit for setting up Religious Prayer Hall  District Collector
14 Power of Attorney  Adjudication  RDO
15 Ration Card   Taluk Supply Officer
16 Registration of Land   Sub Registrar
17 Registration of Marriage   Sub Registrar / Local body
18 Registration of Societies    District Registrar
19 Registration of Vehicle   RTO
20 Unemployment Wages   Local Body
21 Vender License   District Treasury Officer 
22 Water Connection   Water Authority
Where Do I get It?