Thiruvananthapuram taluk occupies pride of place in the Thiruvananthapuram District, since the City of Thiruvananthapuram is not only the District headquarters, but the State Capital also. Thiruvananthapuram city and several other places in the district loom large in ancient tradition, folklore and literature. The city became the linchpin of power and the hub of political, social and cultural activities ever since Maharaja Marthanda Varma, the great Travancore king, consolidated his power and made Thiruvananthapuram his capital.

The Travancore kings were far-sighted rulers who cared for the welfare of their subjects above all else, and very soon Thiruvananthapuram came to have the best of everything, be it schools and colleges, hospitals, palaces and inns, a network of waterways and roads, a drinking water supply system, radio broadcasting stations, illumination of roads and buildings with piped gas, parks and stadia, libraries and entertainment centres etc etc. Many of these core systems survive even today, testifying to the vision and dedication of the great kings of yore. In fact, old timers will recall how half a century of ‘development’ in the post-Independence scenario has been unable to leapfrog this infrastructural framework put in place by the Travancore kings.

The Five-year plans of the early decades of Independence complemented these facilities and soon Thriuvananthapuram, thanks to its highly literate and civic-minded citizens, earned the moniker of the cleanest and the best city. While visiting Thiruvananthapuram, Gandhiji rapturously called it “ the evergreen city of India". From there it was only a short leap to “God’s own country”, the slogan adopted by the Kerala Tourism Department. But in its hectic development from a well-planned and administered city to its present status as a metropolis bursting at the seams, many of these charming factors have been lost. But to the careful observer,  vestiges of its greatness still survive and it has to be admitted there is a strange love affair between the city of Anantha Padmanabha ( the avatar of Mahavishnu ensconced in the Padmanabhaswamy temple as the patron deity of the City) and its denizens, whether a visitor or a native.