As for Malayali, festival becomes integral part of his life. He celebrates a number of festivals with in the completion of a year. Each year passes, he adds more and more to the list Thiruvananthapuram as all other part of kerala celebrates the following festivals.




 As for Thiruvananthapuram District, ONAM is a grand festival, which is performed along with tourism week festival of Tourism Department. It is celebrated usually in the month of August- September. During the one-week festival time, streets in the capital are illuminated in different colour and pavements of the main roads are encroached by street vendors. A unique package of traditional and cultural programmes are staged in Kanakakkunnu palace, Museum, Theerthapadamandapam,  Shanghumugham, VJT Hall .The one week  celebration ends with a pageant . The different traditional folk arts forms, martial arts like kalaripayattu, Thayambaka, Pandi melam, singari melam, drum beat, spectacle of different floats, the elephant procession are the great attraction of the ceremony.




 Beema Beevi, a pious Muslim woman whose death anniversary is celebrated as chandanakudam mahostsavam in beemapalli. It is a tenth day festival, which is celebrated every year in pomp and splendor. The devotees from different area of the district come there to offer coins in earthen pots decorated with flowers and incense sticks. The earthen pots are tarnished with sandal wood paste and its mouths are covered with white cloths along with garlands. Three incense sticks are pressed in to the cloths covering. This earth pots are called chandanakudam. This festival usually starts on the jamadul of the Hijra year with flag hoisting. On the completion of tenth day the flag is lowering. It is a major festival in Beemapalli which is a shrine dedicated to the memory of Beema Beevi. This shrine is situated in muttathura village and five kms south west of Thiruvananthapuram.




 The Vetta and arattu processions are performed twice in a year and it starts from Sere padmnabha   Swami temple. The word ‘Vetta’ symbolizes ‘the hunting down the demon of evil in a forest by Lord Vishnu’. It ends with a climax at a spot in the courtyard of sundra vilasm palace.




 An Indian food festival which is celebrated from April 5th to 11th  of every  year  .The prominent hotels in kerala  are participated in it . In the festival different variety of food – Chinese, south Indian ,North Indian ,continental ,are offered. Kanakakkunnu palace is the venue of this festival. It provides an opportunity  to taste the various cuisines of the world and titling dishes.




Attukal Pongala festival is a famous temple festival in Thiruvananthapuram which attracts  thousands of devotees . The deity of the temple is the ‘goddess Sree Bhagavathi’. The temple is known as ‘The Sabarimala Of Women’.The Pongala Maholsav is a very popular celebration of this temple. The period of celebration extends to ten days . The flow of devotees  during these days is uncontrollable .In the nineth day of this celebration in which ,the devtees offer the Pongala to  the Goddess. The women devotees of different parts of the states ,even from the foreign countries ,come to gather in the city and find suitable places with in the radius of 8 kms for offering pongal to the Goddess Of Bhagavathi.The pongal starts in the early morning and  ends in the evening when the hundered of priests come out of the temple with’ the sword of the goddess’ and walk to the hearth of pongal ,made by each devotees for pouring holy water and showering flowers over  .At this sacred moment  the  petals of flowers are dropping from the helicopter.