About the site

This website is intended to serve as a guide to the citizenry regarding the services available from the many government offices/departments in the Thiruvananthapuram district, and also to provide a portal for accessing the same online.

The site provides comprehensive guidance in accessing the various Acts/Rules and other relevant information that is usually sought by the citizen. Getting various certificates, accessing building and other tax details, revenue information, village/ taluk/Collectorate/RDO services, welfare pension details, alerting police and fire services, tourist and general enquiries etc. are some of the services accessible through the portal.

The design and implementation of such a comprehensive website covering a plethora of government offices/departments/sections is in itself a complex task. This is more so when authoritative summations of all the governments Laws/Acts/Rules as also related information is not fully available. Even in the face of such difficulties the creative team has succeeded in implementing most of the links to the essential services. In spite of the creative team’s best efforts, some lacunae remain. However efforts are on to scan and include all GO’s, Rules and Acts and other relevant material at the earliest. Periodic updating of information so as to keep the site up-to-date is surely a priority area.

The creative team invites the users to submit opinions/suggestions/improvements, which will hopefully hammer out the minor imperfections and make the site useful and usable. The site is hosted on the servers of Kerala State Data Centre under the IT Mission. Thanks are due to the Mission in this regard, as also for the many occasions of help and prompt response from its staff.